First Day of School 2: Electric Boogaloo

So, last year I thought I would dip my toe into the mathtwitterblogosphere and regularly post my thoughts, experiences, and grand ideas for my classroom. As you can see, I wrote 2 posts all school year.

A lot has happened since that time, (a kid, a new position as the math department lead, a new AP class, a year of humbling teaching, learning, & reflecting) but my desire to regularly write about how to reach the most kids possible and have a lot of doing it remains the same. So, I pledge to post on this blog, at least once a week (even if it’s just a picture of a sunset).

First Day of School Plans

  • The obligatory handbook reading where I somehow make approximately 5 pages of our student handbook jump off the page.
    • I really would like to figure out a way to make this interesting for my students who will have to hear a portion of the handbook in each of their classes.
  • The “Who I Am” handout from Dan Meyer
    • Last year I had my students write down answers to questions on lined paper which I just glanced over. This year I really want to take time with these.
  • Pass out the syllabus and standards based grading document
    • I’ll probably only spend a couple minutes on these day 1, more time will be spent on day 2. I plan on presenting SBG to them like Bowman did: Angry Birds!
  • Run The Marshmallow Challenge

Basically, I love starting school after labor day, if only because I get to steal so many great ideas from other teachers who have been doing this much longer and better than I have!


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